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Frank Edwards

"Frank Ugochukwu Edwards (born July 22, 1989) is a Nigerian Contemporary Gospel singer and songwriter from Enugu State. He started out by playing the piano at age 7. Then in 2007, he began to sing, while also learning the rudiments of music. Frank released his debut album, The Definition in 2008. Frank is a multi-award-winning gospel singer whose song has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa. He sings different genres of music including Christian hip-hop, urban, contemporary gospel, e.t.c Also, he is the founder of Rocktown Records, a record label which is home to several young artists."


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    • Tommy west
      2020-07-08 09:58:29 Reply
    • Abore
      God bless
      2020-07-08 12:49:51 Reply
    • DanielAce
      Great and awesome songs from you bro. I pray for you that the grace will not diminish from you.
      2020-07-07 07:46:10 Reply
    • Emmanuel Magbeyi
      One of Nigeria's finest..
      2020-07-05 10:22:49 Reply
    • Prince Chisom
      good one
      2020-07-01 10:25:57 Reply
    • Ezeonyilimba Ikenna
      great song, God has imbedded in u his grace to minister his truth. kudos bro
      2020-06-30 07:02:57 Reply
    • Joseph Smith
      great song may God bless and increase His grace upon your life in Jesus name Amen
      2020-06-28 09:12:05 Reply
    • Goodness Goodness
      my songs i download are not playing
      2020-06-26 02:34:15 Reply
    • Essien
      2020-06-25 08:02:07 Reply
    • Yo-richie Spice
      My favorite gospel musician
      2020-06-24 05:44:16 Reply
    • Adudu taiwo Felix
      2020-06-24 03:26:42 Reply
    • 106487663
      2020-06-23 08:52:45 Reply
    • PCK
      Anointed songs!
      2020-06-23 06:35:34 Reply
    • max
      i love all ur songs they are wonderful keep it up..its nice
      2020-06-20 09:13:51 Reply
    • Okoli Elisha
      2020-06-19 08:51:34 Reply
    • estradah
      thank you Lord
      2020-06-14 08:55:41 Reply
    • fari
      I am just so much content with this my ***r.. much love dude, God bless
      2020-06-11 09:44:15 Reply
    • 108717817
      I enjoy this song
      2020-06-01 11:00:14 Reply
    • Chibuike
      spirit filled..More grace sir
      2020-05-31 01:41:04 Reply
    • Segunprime
      so creative
      2020-05-31 12:04:26 Reply